By Mark Lancaster on 27/12/16 | Category - DJ Top Tens

Today we look at the favourites of Dave Collins from Podrophenia and Mark Lancaster from The Box Of Delights.


Dave Collins Top Five Albums


1. Blackstar - David Bowie

2. The Dear One - Baltic Fleet

3. With Wolves The Lamb Will Lie - MG Boulter



4. Pieces Of You - The Hummingbirds

5- Your Desert, My Mind - The Mutants.


Gig of the Year 


Howling Black Soul at Leigh Folk Festival


Mark Lancaster's Top Five Albums.


1. Hello Baby - Lack Of Afro


2. Moog Maximus - The Bongolian

3. Anonymous Nobody - De La Soul

4. Here - Teenage Fanclub

5. My Woman - Angel Olsen


Gig Of The Year 


Osaka Monaurail at 100 Club


Track Of The Year 


Superstition - Frank McComb


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