Sunday 18th 10:00am

Easlea Like A Sunday Morning

Upcoming shows

Sunday 18th 6:00pm

Punks In Parkas with Penny Lane

Sunday 18th 7:00pm

Harbour Bazaar with Steven Hastings and Zoe Howe

Monday 19th 7:00pm

Iron Horse

Tuesday 20th 8:00pm

Junkshop Jukebox with Paul Collier

Wednesday 21st 8:00pm

Indie Night In

Thursday 22nd 8:00pm

Sonic Asylum by Danny London

Sunday 25th 11:00am

Fresh As... with Tom Burgess

Sunday 25th 7:00pm

Cherry Red Radio

Monday 26th 8:00pm

Into The Music with Ian Pope

Tuesday 27th 8:00pm

Daryl Easlea Spectacular

Wednesday 28th 8:00pm

Sea Shanties with Dan Newman

Thursday 29th 8:00pm

The Moon Room with Luna Tebbs

Friday 30th 6:00pm

Soul Food Kitchen with Nikki Nicholas

Southend-on-Sea based alternative radio station.

Named after the SS Montgomery - a notable landmark of the Thames Delta, we give you SHIP FULL OF BOMBS - Southend's alternative radio station. Bringing you the very best music across the board - We are not limited to genre, the only rule is that the music is good. NOT play-listed and never will be.