Gig Guide

March 2016


The Railway Hotel. Clifftown Road, Southend. (  


1st Bluesday Tuesday

2nd Jazz 825

3rd Shangri-La

4th Lucky Strikes (downstairs)/ Sundown Poetry Night (upstairs)

5th Blues Business (afternoon)/ The Space Wasters (evening)

7th Dave Woodcock's Open Mic Night

8th Bluesday Tuesday

9th Jazz 825

10th Shangri-La

12th Jenny Wren and her Borrowed Wings

13th The Roosters (afternoon)/ John Crampton (evening)

14th Dave Woodcock's Open Mic Night

15th Bluesday Tuesday

16th Jazz 825

17th Shangri-La

18th Biff Bam Pow!!!

20th Martin McNeil's Bottleneck Blues Band (afternoon)/ The Fat Penguins (evening)

21st Dave Woodcock's Open Mic Night

22nd Bluesday Tuesday 

23rd Jazz 825

24th Shangri-La

26th Blues Spiders

27th Mo Fingers

28th Dave Woodcock's Open Mic Night

29th Bluesday Tuesday

30th Jazz 825

31st Shangri-La


Chinnery's 21-22 Marine Parade, Southend (01702 467 305)

4th Guns 2 Roses

5th Tallowah

11th Youth Club

12th Undiscovered (The Final)

13th Exodus

16th Crossfaith

18th Zublue/The Klik/Painting On Pavements/Flyzig

19th Primo Nelson Presents Funk & Soul Circus

24th Night Of Reckoning/Oceans Aside/Walk In Coma/Neanderthal

25th The Gift

29th Nothing But Thieves